Savvy FishFarms

  • Your management system for modern aquaculture
  • Visualization of growth rate, feed allocation and water parameters
  • Plant overview in real time
  • Efficient monitoring of stocking densities
  • Exact prediction for market maturity
  • Batch-based administration
  • Proof of origin
  • International Marking (e.g., FAO-3-alfa-code)
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As an operator of a fish farming plant, it’s your primary task to produce aquatic organisms with the highest possible quality.
Savvy FishFarms supports you with a web-based management system that provides you with real-time information on current stocking densities, growth rates and feed supply, as well as providing very accurate pre-calculations through a patented calculation process.


The use of a highly efficient profile system minimizes recurring data inputs, thus avoiding errors due to user input. Stocking activities are directly integrated into the calculations so that queries and reports are always up-to-date. The monitoring of mortality rates and stocking densities helps to optimize feed supply.

High availability

As a web-based system, you have access to your data whenever and wherever you are. You only need an internet access. Silurus FishFarms is cloud-optimized. High availability, speed and scalability are the main advantages of this new and modern technology. With Silurus FishFarms you profit directly. Try us.

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