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From its foundation in 1994 Silurus Company has not only successfully run an own fish farm with over a 100 tons high quality fish, but with the planning and building of 14 further fish farms in Germany has also achieved an enormous competence in the economically successful leadership without any compromises, always taking in to regard the economical and ecological aims.
This means full and - respectively responsible - control of the used ecosystems.


A computer based administration is indispensible by now – taking into regard the employment of a 100 and more raising units in modern cycle plants – and in order to have an overview of the capability of the plant and the contained biological crowd.
Much sought-after was a system far beyond mere administration. A reasonable visualization of the state of the plant and its contained biological crowd was given priority. Of equal importance was the early identification and depiction of impending disturbances in the interrelation of biocenose and biotope. Over and above there was a need of tools not only helping to plan the internal production process, but also planning and visualizing numerous contacts with suppliers and customers.
The available management system is the result of years of research, development and experience in other words the cradle of Silurus Innovation. With this web-based concept we offer a platform for an efficient support of a modern aquaculture company leadership.

Deliver more than expected.

Our corporate slogan "deliver more than expected" summarizes our aspirations. We want to exceed your expectations for every touch point - from the capabilities, performance and elegance of our products, to the level of customer service. As true craftsmen, we don't believe in compromises and our goal is to only release tools that we can be proud of.


Regardless of size, we have always treated all customers with the same respect and dedication. Tens of thousands of organizations all over the world rely on a product to improve their productivity every day. Silurus Innoavations customers include many Fortune 1000 companies, as well as renowned educational, governmental and non-profit institutions.


A technology company is as only as good as its team. The Silurus Innovations team includes people who are passionate about technology and, more importantly, about your success. We are proud to have some of the most professionals in our team.
If you want to join our professional team, please check out our current openings.

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